Everything you need to know

In our database, you will find a wide variety of projects. The common denominator is that all of them are carried out for non-profit entities such as public institutions or non-governmental entities. But before you start searching for a project that fits you, there are aspects of the work camps that could be interesting to check before you join one of these projects.
If you have more questions, please contact us.
Food and accommodation
Food is always provided by the host organization. In some work camps the volunteer receives three meals per day, in others, a group coordinator (that can be a volunteer or someone of the NGO) is given a food budget in order to buy the ingredients that will be cooked later. The group organizes itself by assigning the kitchen shift to volunteers that change daily. This is a great way to foster integration and learn about dishes from different countries.  

Accommodation is also included in the project. Usually, conditions are simple, and the volunteers sleeps in places like a school, a youth center, a forest lodge or some tents. Bringing a sleeping bag can be a good option. In any case, you can find more information in the description of the specific projects.
Work and free-time
The volunteers work 5 or 6 hours per day and never more than 35 hours per week. During the rest of the time, they can enjoy the place where they are staying from a different perspective than the usual tourist does. They can also participate in different activities with people from around the world, which is one of the better aspects of international volunteering.
The costs of the travel are funded by the participants themselves. Once accepted, at the latest 4 weeks before the project starts, the volunteer will receive a detailed guide on how to get to the assembly point in the easiest way. He will also receive a description of means of transport, along with links and timetables.
Care and support
Each project is coordinated by a leader (a volunteer or a staff member of the local host organization) that will be responsible for supporting the participants with tasks and logistics, as well as helping them in their integration to the host culture. In addition, the projects are supervised by coordinators from the organization that will provide assistance if needed.   Projects for underage volunteers are always supervised by a qualified professional whose work is to take care of the youngsters. He will be the responsible for their safety.
Except for the projects related to the European Solidarity Corps, funded by the European Commission and completely free from fees, participation in work camps has certain costs that the volunteer will have to afford from his pocket. These costs include an entry fee of 500 zł that must be paid at the moment of registration via the Przelewy 24 payment gateway and, on some occasions, an additional fee to be paid to the host organization. This second fee will be paid up to 30 days before the start of the project by transfer to the host organization's account.  To this price, which is shown in the search engine of our website, you should add the expenses of the travel and, on some occasions, visa and vaccination costs. If you are selected for a project in a country that requires an invitation or certain vaccinations, we will contact you in order to help you individually.
Cancellations and refunds
In the event of rejection by the host organization, the applicant will be offered a 100% refund of the registration fee or the possibility of choosing another project. That will also be the case if the project is canceled by the host organization. In the event of a cancellation by the volunteer, the entry fee will only be refundable due to medical reasons that will be analyzed individually.